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⚠️ We have temporarily suspended shipments to Ukraine, Belarus and Russia

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Pepper Variety

The culinary revolution was brought to the New World by Columbus who introduced Europeans to the world of chili peppers. Nowadays peppers have been adapted to grow in all corners of the world. Here we are presenting you with a selection of the finest quality peppers. Depending on the species and origin, different peppers will have different levels of spice, so choose the blend consciously. Whether you are an experienced heat-lover or prefer a milder option - we can help you find the best blend for you.

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Cocktail Spices

Сocktail spices are the best way to improve the profile of your drink and surprise those whom you will be sharing happy hour with (even if it is just your taste buds). These blends will pair well with many classic cocktails including margaritas, palomas, or micheladas. You can even use them to create new and unique recipes whether you choose to decorate your rim with it or infuse your spirits. Additionally our seasoning will taste great on fresh fruit to create a perfect sweet and salty or spicy pairing.

Salt & Substitutes

Salt is the most well-known flavor enhancer and the most common seasoning that is found in every kitchen and that can make any meal taste better. We proudly sell Flor de Sal - gourmet salt from Cuyutlán lagoon, Mexico. Feel free to get more information on this premium type of salt in the product details to learn what makes it one of the best choices for your dish. For those who do have concerns about their sodium levels we also offer a salt substitute as well as our essences - high-concentrated seasonings without any salt added.

Cocoa Products

Mexican cocoa just hits different. It is richer in flavor and more aromatic. Our pick is cacao creole - recognized for its quality and low tannin content (that bitter aftertaste you can feel lingering on your tongue), and reserved for manufacturing of finest chocolate. It is also well-know for its aromatic properties - if you remember that decadent atmosphere of a gourmet candy shop or a chocolate-scented Bath and Body Works candle - this is it. Check out our chocolate recipe using out cocoa creole in description of the product.


Savory and smoky

I'm pleasantly surprised with this Mesquite smoked seasoning. I used it on an oven-grilled chicken and it's savory. The smoke flavor is really good. Natural and not overpowering. It also has a nice blend of herbs and spices to add to the overall flavor, as well as a spicy kick to it but not unbearable. It is versatile and suitable in a wide range of recipes including meats, eggs, vegetables, etc. where you want to add a smoky, savory and spicy taste.

The ingredients are: smoked sea salt, pepper mix, basil, marjoram, coriander seed, dill seed, celery, fenugreek, thyme.

Overall, I really like this smoked seasoning. It is delicious and hot! Great on meats, vegetables, eggs, etc. I would recommend giving it a try. Good stuff.

Hunter Warrior


Flavor Name: Scorpio (Extra Hot)

Awesome rustic flavors

We love this unique seasoning blend that isn't just a one dimensional smoke bomb like some smoked salt blends. Instead, this chef designed mixture is balanced with depth and makes any dinner an instant gourmet entree.

M. Yen

San Diego, CA USA

Flavor Name: Ajillo (Mild)

Fantastic. I'll use this often

While it was somewhat spicy (I like everything spicy) I was hoping it would be spicier but that's just my personal preference. Used this on the BBQ on some chicken breasts and it turned out excellent. Turned a boring piece of chicken in to something much more flavorful. Good stuff and highly recommended!


The Sunny Southwest, USA

Flavor Name: Scorpio (Extra Hot)

Worth it !

**I received this to review, but all opinions are my own. **
THIS is the type of seasoning mixes I look forward to buying to making my food have interesting flavor! A lot of other mixes from some other brands are things you can probably mix yourself from the spices in your cabinet, but this is interesting ingredients sourced and made straight in Mexico, where it would be difficult to try to replicate here in E.U.

The nopales flavor is prevalent in the flavor, and it's smokey with a kick of unique spice. One thing I would suggest is to grind this down a little in a grinder or Mortar~Pestle because the salt crystals are on the larger side. It'll also help to infuse the flavors better and get the smoke out of that salt. I recommend this and I want to try to replicate it at home with my nopales. Will purchase again when my first one runs out.



Flavor Name: Nopal (Spicy)

Beat the Bland

This is a flavorful blend. Well balanced it adds an intriguing mix of spicy and green. Goes well with many things. It is not overly salty or tongue numbing. Just a delicious way to beat bland and boring.

Antigone Walsh


Flavor Name: Nopal (Spicy)

Amazing presentation, could be given as a gift.

I make tacos a lot, and i have a standby recipe which i suppose is pretty boring, and so i try to switch it up, because it’s not like we’ll stop eating tacos anytime soon.

Even having this just on ground beef on it’s own is delicious. It adds a delicious kick of smoky savouriness. But of course i had to add cumin and oregano, I’m always scared it won’t taste mexican enough if i don’t have those in.

My ground beef tacos were delicious.

I love the presentation - the jar comes nestled in shredded paper in a box.

It’s quite a large grind on the contents, so as some have said, maybe you might want to get it into your molcajete and bash it around a little first. I did not bother.


Alaska, USA

Flavor Name: Nopal (Spicy)

New and unique tastes - highly recommended

I bought a sampler of spices from El Volcano - it is an encyclopaedia of tastes - spicy or not. It seems that the author-creator of El Volcano products takes his job very seriously - methodically studies ingredients, combinations, methods of drying, enhancing flavors, etc. Reading EV blog is a culinary journey to Mexico and beyond.
BTW, nicely done store page on Amazon!



Flavor Name: Tamarindo (Mild)

Natural gourmet smoked seasoning

Ideally balanced richness of taste with a flavor of ripe tomatoes, rosemary, garlic, peppers and a note of an aromatic herb epazote. Great for almost any main dish you cook, be it steaks, fish, salads, avocado toasts, potatoes or scrambled eggs.



Flavor Name: Heat (Spicy)

Absolutely delicious!

Buying this salt not the first time, always great and delicious. Changes the taste of food from good to perfect! Highly recommend.

Alex Timaskin


Flavor Name: Yummy (Spicy)

Very impressed!

Everything about this product is fantastic. It’s packaged and presented REALLY well. The flavor is amazing. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific, I just don’t know how to explain it. It’s not your typical spice blend, meaning it isn’t granulated like sugar is (like most rubs are), nor is it a bunch of individual herbs and spices that you can make out what they are. It has the consistency of rock salt, but it’s still spreads easily; and OMG is it good on chicken! I haven’t tried steak yet, but that’s next for sure. This stuff isn’t cheap, but you don’t need a lot of it either…. I am deafly gonna try some other flavors from this company. One of the best rubs I have ever purchased. Highly recommended!

P M 3

Denver, Colorado, USA

Flavor Name: Nopal (Spicy)

Great Taste. Very Versatile.

I'm a sucker for trying new seasonings and rubs so that's why I ordered this one, I was not disappointed.

This 3.17 Oz. jar comes in a box with some nice paper shavings, a nice touch. This Waka mild seasoning is very good. It's not hot at all, which I like, and has the perfect blend of spices to make a great seasoning or rub. So far I've used this on boneless chicken breast, steak, and in my eggs. They all taste great!

Overall, this is a really good seasoning blend. You should definitely pick up a jar and try some for yourself!



Flavor Name: Waka (Mild)

Citric and flavorful seasoning

I have been using this seasoning on chicken and fish. It has a slightly citrusy flavor, tastes delicious and makes your food smell appetizing.
It also makes your food look more appetizing and gourmet.

Anai Ramirez


Flavor Name: Ajillo (Mild)