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White gold from the West

White gold is salt from Colima. Many Mexicans have noticed that using salt from the Cuyutlan lagoons gives a richer and completely different result for dishes than using any other salt. This phenomenon has an explanation - this salt, the real national pride of Mexico, a tradition that has been going on for more than a thousand years.

Origin and extraction

Salt from Colima seasoned dishes since pre-Hispanic times, when residents of the Cuyatlan lagoon area discovered its value. Although the manufacturing process has evolved, quality remains as high as 10 centuries ago. To extract salt is not as easy as to consume it, therefore in Cuyutlán, there is a cooperative of the salt meteos de Colima, which for several generations has devoted itself to preserving production technologies for their further transfer to descendants.


Most members of this cooperative learned their craft from their grandparents in order to educate their children and grandchildren. All families of workers live in neighboring communities, so salt production is their main source of income, that is, this economic activity completely affects the quality of life of cities located near salt evaporators.


Chemical compositon

This salt is a 100% pure ecological product with a natural trace of natural minerals without the addition of fluorine or iodine. Colima enhances the taste of the original ingredients due to its chemical composition. The crystals that form the Colima salt grains have a small drop of water in the center, so when they shrink, they break apart, leaving a minimal sensation of moisture in the fingers. In appearance, salt crystals are completely white, shine and reflect light. Real Colima salt is not sold refined.


When you taste Colima salt, the grain dissolves very quickly in the mouth. Sunshine should be moderate, never saturate the taste. This is the main value of this salt - it gives balance without excessive salting. It worth that.

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