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You can buy goods from any mexican stores and we will deliver your parcel to your door with our unique shipping rates

1: Choose any product from the list of Mexican stores.

2: Finish the order with your name and use address of our warehouse.

Name Nombre Your Name
Surname Apellido Your Surname
Street Calle LIC. ALFONSO DE ALBA 271
State Estado JALISCO
Postal Code Codigo Postal 47474
Phone Telefono 4775238852


3: Contact us and notify about your purchase.

4: As soon as we receive your package, we will contact you.

5: We will invoice you, after receiving your payment, the package will be sent to your door.

We can also offer you assistance in buying any goods, as well as clarify all your questions from the seller. 

The cost of such service is 9% of the value of the goods or there is $2 USD minimum per transaction.

 We can also offer you other services.

Receiving parcels Free
Storage of incoming parcels Up to 45 days Free
46-100 days 0.5$ USD for each day of storage
101th day
The parcel becomes the property of
Storage of outgoing parcels 2 weeks from the date of invoicing Free
after 2 weeks from the date of invoicing until the day of payment of the invoice 0.5$ USD for each day of storage
from the date of payment of the invoice Free
Photo You can expect from 3 to 5 photos. Please make a note what exactly you want to see on those photos, e.g. serial number, shoe size, label from the store. 5$ USD
Weight and seller verification
We will weigh your package and check sender’s name indicated on the box. We will NOT open the box.
3$ USD

Product performance check We can turn on/off your device, check its sound system, verify if it is charging, and whether there is any visible damage. We will not insert any sim cards or make calls. We also will not check whether phones are locked or under a contract. Please make a note what exactly you want to test! 10$ USD
Return goods to storage If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we can return goods back to seller or store 3$ USD
Package splitting Package can be split into several separate shipments and you will be able to choose multiple recipients and their addresses, shipping method, and types of goods to be packed in each shipment. 2$ USD per each new box after splitting

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