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Bienvenido Gift Set 1kg

Welcome!No matter where you are in the world, Mexico will be with you a long time.The kit includ...

No matter where you are in the world, Mexico will be with you a long time.
The kit includes 31 items and each of them is a quintessence of culture, tradition, Mexican love and warmth which you can bring to yourself and your loved ones.
You will find 14 signature seasonings, add-ons for fruit and cocktails, cane sugar, hot chocolate from a caring Mexican grandma, traditional snacks from Oaxaca state, like deep fried garlic and cheese and habanero pepper corn snacks, authentic Habanero chilli from Sonora state and Carolina Reaper - the most spicy pepper in the world. And, on top of that, colourful handmade accessories for your kitchen. 👌🇲🇽

This kit contains:

• 15g Colima Unrefined Gourmet Sea Salt

• 15g Al Ajillo Smoked Gourmet Seasoning

• 15g Five Smoked Gourmet Seasoning

• 15g Guacamole Smoked Fine Seasoning

• 15g Heat Smoked Fine Seasoning

• 15g Hot Smoked Fine Seasoning

• 15g Llorona Smoked Fine Seasoning

• 15g Negra Smoked Fine Seasoning

• 15g Nopal Smoked Fine Seasoning

• 15g Rose Smoked Fine Seasoning

• 15g Royal Smoked Fine Seasoning

• 15g Scorpio Smoked Fine Seasoning

• 15g Taco Smoked Fine Seasoning

• 15g Tropicana Smoked Fine Seasoning

• 15g Xoco Smoked Fine Seasoning

• 15g Chapulín Cocktail Seasoning

• 15g Totomoxtle Cocktail Seasoning

• 15g Gusano Cocktail Seasoning

• 15g Chilimón Cocktail Seasoning

• 5g Mexican Oregano

• 20g Cheesy Corn Snack

• 20g Habanero Corn Snack

• 15g Fried Garlic Snack

• 20g Spicy Peanut & Garlic Snack

• 105g Canned Chipotle Peppers

• 5g Chiltepin Pepper

• 1 pc Carolina Reaper Pepper

• 90g Tablet Abuelita Hot Chocolate

• 5 pcs Muscovado Sugar

• 1 pc Handmade Towel

• 1 pc Handmade Basket

Bienvenido Gift Set 1kg (4595959300154)
Bienvenido Gift Set 1kg (4595959300154)

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