Five Smoked Gourmet Seasoning

Five Smoked Gourmet Seasoning

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The Five is the blend of the five common flavours: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. This brings the absolute balanced combination to any dish and is the most amazing pair for Asian cuisine. Add a dash to fatty meats, dumplings, soups, poultry and pastry. 

This blend is so common to China and became popular across the globe. Why not try a special Mexican twist on it?

It contains salt from Cuyutlán lagoons smoked over mesquite wood, cloves, fennel, Sichuan pepper, star anise and cinnamon.

  • 100% organic and vegan product
  • Does not contain any micro-plastics and heavy metal inclusions
  • Unique blend designed by us
  • Only authentic Mexican produce
  • All ingredients are handpicked and handcrafted
  • All ingredients are smoked on the mesquite wood, you could read more about this¬†here...

To get the most of your seasoning we advice you to freshly grind your spices using the special Mill.