Hot Smoked Gourmet Seasoning

Hot Smoked Gourmet Seasoning

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Heat-o-meter: Extra HotĀ šŸ„µ

Hot is our most fiery spice mix that contains all of the hotness of the Carolina Reaper pepper. It has whooping 2.50 million Scoville units on the SHU heat scale, so it for sure will blow your mouth (and mind).Ā The unique flavour of Carolina Reaper and authentic Mexican spices will add a tasty spin to any dish: hot and incredible delicious.Ā This spice blend tastes somewhat like Tabasco sauce, but without its sour acidic feel.

You don't like spicy food? We are so sure this seasoning will make you change your mind.

It containsĀ salt from CuyutlĆ”n lagoonsĀ smoked over mesquite wood, habanero pepper, unrefined cane sugar Mascabado, Carolina Reaper pepper, garlic, onion, dried tomato, paprika and allspice.

  • 100% organic and vegan product
  • Does not contain any micro-plastics and heavy metal inclusions
  • Unique blend designed by us
  • Only authentic Mexican produce
  • All ingredients are handpicked and handcrafted
  • All ingredients are smoked on the mesquite wood, you could read more about thisĀ here...

To get the most of your seasoning we advice you to freshly grind your spices using the specialĀ Mill.