Negra Smoked Gourmet Seasoning

Negra Smoked Gourmet Seasoning

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Negra is the spice blend made of the most popular snacks of Eastern Europe. Its unique black color will give your plate extraordinary look, and the taste of croutons will give it unusually delicious taste.
Negra is the best with any type of soups, also you can use it with any dish if you want to color it to black. Negra salt is universal enough to add it everywhere.

It contains salt from Cuyutlán lagoons smoked over mesquite wood, black bread croutons, unrefined cane sugar, coriander seeds, garlic, fried garlic, activated carbon.

  • 100% organic and vegan product
  • Does not contain any micro-plastics and heavy metal inclusions
  • Unique blend designed by us
  • Only authentic Mexican produce
  • All ingredients are handpicked and handcrafted
  • All ingredients are smoked on the mesquite wood, you could read more about this here...

To get the most of your seasoning we advice you to freshly grind your spices using the special Mill.