Scorpio Smoked Gourmet Seasoning

Scorpio Smoked Gourmet Seasoning

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Heat-o-meter: Extra HotĀ šŸ„µ

ScorpioĀ is one of the hottest of our spice range, it contains "Trinidad Scorpion" pepper that has whooping 1.46 million scoville units on the SHU heat scale.
Yes, it will burn, yes it is still delicious.Ā 
The best choice for those who are brave and love a bit of burn in their mouth.

It containsĀ salt from CuyutlĆ”n lagoonsĀ smoked over mesquite wood,Ā Trinidad Scorpion pepper, habanero pepper, marjoram, basil, dill seeds, coriander seeds, fenugreek, celery and thyme.

  • 100% organic and vegan product
  • Does not contain any micro-plastics and heavy metal inclusions
  • Unique blend designed by us
  • Only authentic Mexican produce
  • All ingredients are handpicked and handcrafted
  • All ingredients are smoked on the mesquite wood, you could read more about thisĀ here...

To get the most of your seasoning we advice you to freshly grind your spices using the specialĀ Mill.